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Today, it’s all about social media. However, simply setting up business accounts on every single platform out there, and over-posting on one whilst letting others stay stagnant will do you more damage than good. We can offer consultation and advice on which social platforms are most relevant for what you're promoting. We can set up, brand, and manage your social accounts strategically and keep up engagement with customers to make them feel valued.

Connect with your Customers.

Using social media to manage your brand image is a really helpful and cost-effective tool. We can even use social media advertising to boost your posts and drill down to target an exact audience. As experts, The Graphics Department can help with customer profiling to ensure you target the right people to gain results and a return on investment. We know the best times, days, and type of content for social media, so you’re in safe hands with us.

Social Media.

The Benefits

Scheduled posts with content pre-arranged with you
Analytic reports so that we can monitor performance and make changes when needed
Additional bonuses of boosting posts for targeting people that will care
Tailored content relevant for each social platform
Strategic campaigns aimed at boosting brand awareness
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