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Guiding a Fully Accredited Travel Agency

Eastern Turkey Tours is a fully accredited travel agency based in Turkey, offering unique and unforgettable tours of Eastern Turkey and the surrounding areas. With over 30 years of running these tours and short breaks, the team pride themselves on leaving “no stone unturned”.

The Brief

Having used our services for their original website back in 2009, the guys at Eastern Turkey Tours decided it was time to modernise their site and accommodate for their growth over the years. Their objective for the new site was to present their brand as the number one tour provider in Eastern Turkey, and to accommodate for their newly added tours and breaks.

The Development

As we had already developed a brilliant relationship with this client over the years, communication was seamless throughout the project. We knew exactly what they needed and how to deliver it. We designed and built a new website with capabilities to grow, as they plan their future growth and extension across Turkey. We designed the site with usability as a priority, making it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for through interactive maps, icons, and attractive itineraries.

The Result

The final website has integrated style and user experience to act as both an informational platform and present Eastern Turkey Tours as the trusted and well-experienced tour operators that they are. We conducted all 301 re-directs from their old website, which helped them retain their well-earned top-ranking search engine spot. We continue to work with Eastern Turkey Tours through a digital marketing strategy and SEO services.

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