Dirt Industries

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Dirt Industries is a clothing brand formed in early 2018. They design, print, and distribute street-wear inspired by the motocross and mountain biking industries. They pride themselves on their individual and unique designs along with their commitment to quality clothing that is made fairly and supports the textile industry.

The Brief

Having seen our track record in the moto industries with our previous clients, the Dirt Industries team came to us to build their brand, website, and strategy. They wanted their brand to represent who they are; a team dirt inspired individuals who want to bring a community of riders and enthusiasts together through apparel.

The Development

Straight to the drawing board, we began working on a logo and some brand guidelines for Dirt Industries. Taking into consideration the clothing designs they already had, we designed a logo and an e-commerce site that would fit.

The Result

Dirt Industries is yet another ‘full monty’ client that we still have on board. The Graphics Department manages their social media platforms and strategies and we are the sole outsourced design and digital department. We work with them on their website, marketing, and design strategies. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this relationship and soon to be iconic brand!

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