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Crossfit 365 is a South Wales based strength and conditioning facility, just off the m4 corridor. A franchisee of Reebok, this facility offers a structured physical preparation programme for people looking to increase their athleticism and fitness.

The Brief

The team at Crossfit 365 came to us looking for a new web platform to promote their facility. The main objective was to increase attendees and awareness of their affiliation with Reebok and Crossfit training programmes.

The Development

Crossfit 365’s service is all about pushing people to their limits to reach their full potential. We needed to make the site represent this fierceness and enthusiasm to strengthen and condition the human body. We designed and built a CMS website that did exactly that, through striking colours and imagery, seamless navigation and perfect responsiveness to mobile.

The Result

After the build, delivery, and training of their new website, the Reebok/Crossfit team decided to continue using our services, as we designed a roll-up banner and A5 flyers for the promotion of their facility.

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