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Touratech is a global manufacturer of motorcycle accessories, parts and  clothing. With representatives in 46 different countries, there is only one in the UK. Nick Plumb is the only registered importer of Touratech products in the UK and has made a name for himself in the motorcycle industry. Not only is he the UK franchisee of Touratech, but he also has two other companies; Valleys Xtreme and Dawn2Dusk.

The Brief

This client came to us in a state of emergency. His in-house marketing department had fallen through and Touratech’s internationally known event, the Travel Event, was coming up. We were briefed to help them in troubleshooting parts of their website, developing a marketing plan and managing their accounts to ensure the Travel Event was a success.

The Development

After some emergency meetings with the guys at Touratech, we put together a marketing plan for them, conducted a website and social media review and got straight to work on solving issues. We designed and printed flyers, stickers, got working on a Facebook and Email campaign to promote the Travel Event. 

The Results

With the success of the Travel Event, the Touratech team decided not to hire a replacement in-house marketing team, The Graphics Department now handles the three brands that Mr Plumb has under his belt, promoting their events with T-shirts, banners, digital marketing and management of their websites.

Does this look like the kind of thing that your company needs to give it that extra push into a competitive world of business?