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Logo design is, with a doubt, the single most important part of developing your brand. It encompasses everything that you value, portrays what you offer, and is usually on every single piece of print and digital media that you will create. Designing a clean, simple yet creative image that portrays so many things can be really difficult. You want to say so much with so little.

The Power of Simplicity.

The Graphics Department can create a timeless, versatile and memorable logo that uses colour, typography and graphics cleverly to draw emotion from your audience. We never just take the first idea, we will draft, draft, and draft again. That way, even if we end up using the first idea, we’ve explored every other avenue to ensure the most effective is chosen. 

Logo Design.

The Benefits

We’ve created logos for industries varying from oil and gas, to construction, all the way to clothing brands
We love sitting down with you and getting to know and understand your brand, so that we can define it in an image
Timeless designs mean over time your identity will gain more recognition without having to change it again and again
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