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BA Nicholls & Sons are an all-in-one Home Solutions company located in Wiltshire. Their services range from full house builds, electrical and carpentry services, and extensions and conversions. 

The Brief

B.A Nicholls & Sons came to us with the need for a full rebrand and website build. They wanted their new brand to represent how much they care about excellent customer service and delivery of quality products and services.

BA Nicholls & Sons services specialise in four areas. These are: full house-builds, electrical services, carpentry, and also extensions & conversions. It was therefore important to segment these services clearly.

The Development

After considering BA Nicholls & Sons’ objectives, we put together some web concepts. We especially ensured that the designs instantly show users the four distinct services they offer and CTA’s (Call to Action). 

The four services were further segmented with icon designs differentiating them clearly and aesthetically. 

These ideas and concepts were delivered to BA Nicholls & Sons, who approved the designs before any building commenced.

The Result

As a result, the new site clearly identifies the different services BA Nicholls & Sons offer. It reinforces these services through an emphasis on experience and being a family run business. Most noteworthy, a creative use of illustrations and icons throughout the site make it aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.

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