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Keeping Cows Warm.

Cosy Calf are a supplier of calf jackets, based in Dorset, who needed a website redesign, with the main purpose to sell their Calf Jackets. Having knowledge and experience in the problems that calves face in their younger ages, Cosy Calf decided to develop jackets that assist in a young calf’s genetics, birth conditions, health, nutrition, air speed, and dry bedding.

The Brief

Mandy came to us looking for a simple E-commerce website to sell her products and services. As a farmer herself, she wanted the website to portray the genuine care that she has for the animals. Mandy wanted her new site not just sell her products, but to act as an educational platform for farmers.

The Development

This small E-commerce site is targeted towards the agricultural industry. Because of this, earthy colours seemed the most appropriate. We built design concepts for the new site and passed them on to Cosy Calf for approval. As always, we didn’t develop anything until the client was totally happy with our ideas. 

The Results

Cosy Calf’s new website really portrayed how much they care for the wellbeing of Cows and other livestock. It also proved to serve as an educational site, not just a small E-commerce site. provides plenty of information for any farmers who may be worried about their livestock and does so in an easy to understand manner. 

Ongoing services include adverts, flyers and support for the upkeep of their new site.

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