Email Greetings: Make them Count

In business, email inboxes are very full. On average, office workers receive 121 emails a day!

Every day we’re sending and receiving emails and it’s easy to fall into robotically typing up your email greetings, losing the human touch. Email communication is an integral part of building relationships with other businesses and your customers, so it’s important not to fall into this trap!

So, here are some of our top email openers for various situations, that will help get your email communications nailed and start your conversations on a good foot.

If your email is formal

Start your email with a polite and courteous message. Like these:

  1. I hope this email finds you well
  2. Allow me to introduce myself
  3. I hope you’re having a great week
  4. I’m reaching out about…
  5. I’m eager to get your advice on…

If your email is a follow-up

If you’re following up on a previous conversation, opening your emails with these will add context for the receiver:

  1. As we discussed earlier…
  2. I’m getting back to you about…
  3. Can you provide me with an update on…
  4. To follow up on our meeting…
  5. As promised…

If your email is more personal

If you have built up a rapport with the person you’re emailing or want to take a more personable approach, then these openings are for you:

  1. It was lovely to see you at…
  2. I loved your recent (article, social media post etc)
  3. I hope you enjoyed your…
  4. Congratulations on…
  5. (Mutual contact) recommended that I get in touch with you

Funny Openers

Be very cautious when using humour in your email greeting. Only use these if you know the receiver will understand, or if humour is part of your professional brand.

  1. I hope you’ve had your morning coffee
  2. Just what you want, another email!
  3. Me again!
  4. I’ll start this with the good news. Only x number of days until Friday!
  5. I’ll keep this short and sweet

These email openers are merely a guide to help you get out of impersonal and repetitive email greetings. Effective email communications between you and your clients can mean that a trusting and loyal business relationship flourishes.

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