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Bringing up Happy Alpacas.

Penrhallt Alpacas, located in Gower, South Wales is a farm of 35 Alpacas, used for breeding and the production of yarn. Following guidelines set by the British Alpaca Society, they pride themselves on bringing up happy, healthy Alpacas. 

The Brief

Hannah Williams required a website to sell the yarn and yarn products of her Alpacas. She also sells Pet boy Alpacas and studs for breeding. She expressed that her USP is that her yarn is traceable back to the original Alpaca.

It was clear how much Hannah loves and cares for her Alpacas. This passion needed to come across in a website.

The Development

Hannah gave us plenty of information and copy for us to work with when filling the website with content. We decided that earthy colours seem like the most appropriate colours, so put together a colour palette. 

Hannah would be regularly updating her website with new Alpacas and products. Because of this, we made the website using WordPress so that she could add and remove stock accordingly. 


The Result

Through its use of quirky icons, images, and an earthy colour palette, this small e-commerce site shows off Hannah’s passion for animal welfare. It serves as a simple platform for her to sell and promote her products and services. Finally, we implemented an Instagram feed to the site as a gallery. This helps to further market her services by keeping potential customers up to date on multiple platforms. 

Upon completion we met with Hannah to give her a guided tour of her new online shop and talked her through how the CMS works. 

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