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Making a House a Home.

Based at Penderyn near Abadare, WDL Homes has been in operation since 2000, completing a number of high quality schemes with an evergrowing number of satisfied customers.

The Brief

WDL Homes came to us with the need to present themselves and their services in a professional manner. Most of all, they needed a platform that clearly presented their brand message and attracted potential house buyers. 

The Development

Firstly, we got underway designing a logo and building a website that would do exactly that. Keeping it modern, clean and attractive, to reflect their houses was at the forefront of our designs. Since we were designing both the logo and website, we were able to implement brand consistency.

Keeping WDL in the loop at all stages of design meant that they could express what they loved, and what they would change about our designs.

The Result

WDL have an extensive portfolio and provided plenty of information. As a result, this website perfectly encapsulates the brand values and quality of WDL homes. With a logo, banners and signs, we really equipped WDL with everything they needed to dominate the market.

In addition, we provided WDL Homes with ongoing support and all the tools they would need to push their portfolio into the public eye.

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