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07 March 2019

Welcome, Gareth!

You may have noticed that we've recently been promoting a new job role. Well, here he is! We've decided to dedicate this month's blog post to welcoming our new member to the team, Gareth.  It's...


01 November 2018

We’re Hiring!

We're Hiring!  We're looking for a Graphic Designer/Content Marketer to join our team If you're a creative graphic designer with a mindset for business, then keep reading... We’re a small team who love to work...


08 October 2018

The Changing Buyer Journey

Many business owners may have heard of the sales funnel or buyer journey before. Both are very similar, just looked at from different perspectives.  The buyer journey has changed in today’s digital landscape, and we...


11 August 2018

Long Live Email Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns have been around since the dawn of the internet, and as many different marketing trends have come and gone over the years, email has stood the test of time. When developing your...


30 July 2018

Allow us to Introduce Ourselves

Hello, and welcome to The Graphics Department’s first blog post! We thought it'd be nice to give you a little run down of who we are, what we do, and why we do it. You...